Meet the Team! 

Sanchia Mooney - Product Development, Ice Cream Crafter

Sanchia has worked as a pastry chef for 30 years in restaurants, hotels, and catering companies.  The last 15 years have been self-employed running a successful home bakery. Her profitable home-based business supplied several local coffee shops and North Island College in the Comox Valley with delicious, high quality baked goods.  She has made ice cream and sorbets extensively over her career as a pastry chef and is committed to delicious, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Her daughter Maia was her inspiration for creating an egg free ice cream. Sanchia cares deeply about the Cumberland community and looks forward to engaging the people of Cumberland in a vibrant new business.

Rachel Mooney - Sales, Administration, Product Development

Rachel has been a passionate foodie since she graduated from being force-fed lumpy oatmeal in her childhood. With certification to consult Holistic Nutrition and a deep commitment to real food, Rachel has been self-employed for the past 16 years, operating an online organic grocery store and delivering high quality food to customers in the Comox Valley. With her mandate to source and sell locally grown and locally crafted food, she has created long-lasting relationships with many of the farmers and food producers in the valley. Rachel is dedicated to offering only real food to the people of the Comox Valley.

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Special Thanks to Alice and Brohm connection and Katie and Matt’s enthusiasm, support and mentorship. Check them out!

Andreas Demmers, Full Circle Homeworks

Dennis Little of Little Jem New Zealand

Tom Savage, electrician

Scott Diguistin and Merissa Myles of Tree Island Yogurt for their knowledge, expertise and support

Rain or Shine Ice Cream

Jeni Britton Bauer for inspiration and fun

Kid Sister Ice cream in Victoria and Brett’s support and advice

Courtenay RV for Boler advice and support

Strathcona  Industries and Adam Kuzma

Morgan Callison Photography

Eilish McVey for our Brand Identity and Website