Love Letters



I was thrilled to come across a local spot that not only makes a dairy free ice cream but also blends in local organic fruit!! 
The cherry on top was that she even had a gluten free waffle cone.. being that I am celiac I haven’t had one in years. 
BEST coconut ice cream I have tasted- and I’ve tried a few. 
Ok and I can’t leave out how lovely her demeaner is! 
If you haven’t tried this Cumberland gem I highly recommend you do  
- Tia Longson

The salted caramel ice cream is the best I've ever had! Not too sweet, but so silky and good. I ate the whole cone (also delicious) which never happens!
- Tamara Schwartz

Best ice cream (coconut raspberry) and cone I’ve ever had, and the cutest set up! We’ll definitely be back for more! Thank you ladies!
- Jasmine Bone

So fresh and tasty. Waffle cones are just right too. Twice in one busy Cumberland weekend. If I see you parked I don’t think I can say no.
- Teneille Higgins

So yummy! We all enjoyed our ice cream! Look forward to having more! Thank you lovely ladies!
- Sophia Catherine Milette

My non dairy coconut and raspberry "ice cream" was incredible!!
- Shayna Weston

All of the love packed into one delicious waffle cone. Best. Ice-cream. Ever.
- Sophie Glimmer


Thank You!